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Financial Crisis and Role of Government
Public Administration and Policy Review
School of Public Administration and Policy

By bringing together the academic disciplines, departments, and institutes that have a focus on public policy and public affairs, the School of Public Administration and Policy (SPAP), which was established in June 2001, aims at developing key disciplines, taking advantages of traditional strengths, and integrating all sorts of resources to promote the development of public administration and public policy.

Renmin University of China (RUC) is one of the national key comprehensive universities, which focuses mainly on social sciences, humanities, economics, and management in China. For over half a century, RUC has been an important base for training civil servants and senior managers on administration and government management. By now, a great number of graduates from the university play important roles in both local and central government, while others guide the activities of enterprises and non-profit organizations. RUC is much honored to have National Steering Committee Secretariat Office of MPA Program set up in its campus, which was established in February 2001.